Lucia di Lammermoor

Opera in two acts
Music : Gaetano Donizetti

Libretto : Cammarano based on the novel by Walter Scott

Production by Yuri Alexandrov
The first night performance took on July 16 2008.

The theatre once again suggested a modern version of an opera continuing to explore the topic of tragic love. The action takes place in our days. The main heroine lives in the world of “Goths” escaping from the mercenary and hypocritical office life. There are many classical versions of Lucia di Lammermur where the melodramatic story pales before the conventional medieval sets and costumes. Director’s attitude towards these points is more prosaic as all this splendidness of rich life there is loneliness and pain of the main character.

«Dinicetti is our theatre’s composer. We address to his works when we feel lack of humanity in the world around us. 
“Staging Lucia di Lammermur is a test of the highest level of mastership. It is even hard to sing, saying nothing of filling it with new sense”, believes Yuri Alexandrov.