Il barbiere di Siviglia

On March 7 and 8, the audience of The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera will have a chance to enjoy a new production of "Il barbiere di Siviglia". This is the first time that the name of Gioachino Rossini appears in the theatre’s playbill.

Artistic Director of The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera Yuri Alexandrov, known for his extraordinary interpretations of opera scores, preferred "the classical style" this time. ”Rossini is the composer you should grow to”, he says. “You cannot sing his music badly. It took us 27 years after the creation of the theatre to come to it. Now we have a team that can play this piece as it should be. And this is an important step in our way up.

We perform in Italian to preserve the opera stylistic features, its phonetics and its vocal and sound pattern.

The challenge here is the opera is too "worn out" and filled with cliches. We want to develop a fresh look at this material. The play will have a present-day inside. All of our performances are modern in nature. However, the scenery and the costumes are designed in the style of that time. And in this sense, it is going to be a classic production".